Aire acondicionado solar para generar frío solar
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Amordad Solar launched the first Solar Air conditioning unit, generating some incredible savings.


aire acondicionado solar

This new solar conditioning unit manages to use the Sun´s heat to produce cold.


This solution takes advantage of solar radiation and transforms it into solar energy, using the technology of de solar device, which emits cold.

The solar cooling technology is based on the idea os using heat to generate cold.



The main advantage of solar air conditioning is the savings that it achieves. Traditional air conditioning appliances consume too much electricity and represent a significant increase in consumer bills.
The use of renewable energy to produce cold is favorable for the implementation of this product on the market.
This is undoubtedly the best option for cooling buildings during the summer without worrying about spending too much money.





Technology that uses solar air conditioning is known as absorption or thermal compression technology. This technology is based on three physical phenomena.


    • Fluid which evaporates and absorbs heat. If it initially does not produce heat when evaporating, at the moment of condensation it will.


    • Pressure causes variations in boiling point temperature of any liquid; the lower the pressure is, the lower the boiling point of the liquid.


    • Certain pairs of chemicals have more affinity to dissolve unto each other.