Agua Caliente Sanitaria | Placas solares agua caliente
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R5 solar collectors with vacuum tubes for generating domestic hot water (SHW)



Agua caliente sanitaria

  • R5 collector with Heat Pipe technology


  • For generating DHW –domestic hot water and/or heating


  • Patented fluid


  • Water does not circulate through the tube, thus avoiding corrosion


  • Solar panel (collector) takes up little space and provides a high-performance water heating


  • Tested around the world





The TUBOSOL-R5 solar collectors from Amordad Solar are equipped with the most advanced ducted vacuum system, Heat Pipe system.Agua Caliente Sanitaria




The vacuum tubes possess vaporizing fluids that can’t get out from the inside the tube which operate as heat transporter.

This fluid is evaporated by the effect of solar radiation and ascends to the top tube which has a much lower temperature. The steam proceeds to condense, transfer its energy, and return it to its liquid form as it falls by gravity to the bottom of the tube, where it receives more radiation and evaporates again, thus beginning a new cycle.

AM-TUBOSOL collectors are high performance equipment designed for all kinds of applications. To achieve higher performance, it is possible to connect them in series or in serial parallel connections. Casual damage of a heat pipe does not interrupt the activity of the entire solar power network.

Thanks to the help of AM-TUBOSOL it is possible to perform virtually any type of solar application, from domestic hot water (DHW) systems to complex systems combining with hot water for domestic use, floor heating and swimming pool heating.
Its high efficiency can provide hot water after only a few hours of Sun.
This is the environmentally positive response to the needs of hot water for a family.




  • Domestic hot water generation from the first hours of exposure to the Sun


  • Ideal for heating large facilities (hotels, sanatoriums, buildings, sports centers, catering) because its performance is much greater and reaches higher internal fluid temperatures.


  • Simple maintenance. The tubes can be exchanged without emptying the circuit


  • A much more aesthetic look


  • Reaches high temperatures even in unfavorable climates


  • Minimum cost of Assembly, thanks to the simplicity of the system


  • The water does not go through the tubes; in case of breakage only the damaged pipe needs to be changed



HEAT PIPE technology

These systems achieve very high annual energy savings; they take the advantage of converting solar radiation into heat energy.
For example, you can get hot water for domestic and industrial consumption, or for heating your homes, hotels, schools, factories, etc. You can even keep pools heated and allow bathing during much of the year.


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