Farolas solares | Farolas solares para alumbrado público
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Amordad Solar designs and manufacturessolar street lights for the public lighting.


The solar street lights operate in the following way:
Solar energy accumulated throughout the day and is used during the night.
Solar street lights, have a photovoltaic panel that captures energy from the Sun and stores it in a battery, which then powers the street light from sunset to dawn.

Farolas solares


Our urban solar street lights have the particularity of not needing any type of auxiliary energy as well as maintenance. They have more production and storage capacity, more brightness, and are made of highly resistant materials, to protect against traditional vandalism and conform to stricter international standards on light pollution and energy savings.















  •  Are ideal for public and private illumination applications Due to the natural layout and situation of certain locations, solar Street lights implementation is one of the best alternatives to fossil energy consumption.


  •  Street lights need no connection to a power grid. Automatic battery charging during daylight.


  • Fast return on investment due to no electricity consumption.


  • Great savings when compared to other traditional street lights.


  •  Workmanship and installation guaranteed.