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Paneles solares fotovoltaicos

Amordad Solar offers photovoltaic solar panels as a solution to housing and buildings already connected to an electric power company. It is a solution that facility whereby, on the basis of the Sun’s energy, it produces electricity which in turn reduces the electricity bill. Also, surplus energy excesses can be sold directly to electrical companies. Thus, Amordad helps you make money even during the vacation months when buildings are empty and nobody is using the electricity generated. The photovoltaic system connected to the power electricity grid is regulated in Spain as in many other countries. Its main mission is to increase the production of electricity without polluting the environment.








  • Save money and energy for many years to come by harnessing solar energy with the installation of photovoltaic solar panelsPaneles solares fotovoltaicos
  • The excess electricity is sold to the electricity companies (Ideal for holidays and vacation times when the House is not occupied).
  • Protect against future energy shortages and increases in electricity prices.
  • Reduction in the initial investment because no energy storing batteries are needed.




Royal Decree No. 2818 / 1998 of 30 December 1998, which entered into effect at the beginning of 1999, ordered Spain’s electric companies to buy electricity produced by photovoltaic systems. Amordad can offer you several solutions from a full system “turnkey system” for your home, to the supply provision of the system components so you can assemble to make yourself your own project.




In rural homes or isolated refuges where no does the electric ity distribution network is present you have to resort toaislada_manypanels an autonomous production system. Our complete large capacity static electricity photovoltaic system of large capacity static electricity can guarantee you a reliable power supply up to three days with no the absence of Sun, and with an investment of much less than the cost of bringing getting the power lines mains to the site.


Solar photovoltaic panels transform solar radiation into electricity and send it to a special electric accumulators. A charge regulator, which protects the batteries and automates the service, is installed sandwiched between the panels and the accumulators. Using a 220V appliance voltage converter, use of 220V appliances is possible. The accumulated energy can be used in less sunny periods with total safety and efficiency.


The installation of the Solar electricity in your property adds value to its automatic revaluation of the same, given that thereafter it will offer a free and reliable power supply guarantee and free to its users for a long time, being able to operate without trouble for 20 years. We are at your service, will address any need you may have. We can offer you the components or, if you prefer, we do the complete “turnkey” project.

The solar garden with photovoltaic solar panels is a new investment concept that allows different users and customers in the same area or plot of land, infrastructure etc. This can reduce installation, maintenance and monitoring costs. A certain Orchard property of “x” KW (according to investment contract) connected to the power grid is assigned to each investor associated to the project Customers will have a system with an individual electric meter which is visible in real time from their homes and even from the internet.


    •  Ideal solution for investors seeking yieldimagen_huerta


    • Revenue from the first day of operations with photovoltaic solar panels


    • Spain is one of the countries of the Community European Economic Community that enjoys the better climates for renewable energy. With one of the greatest sunshine hours in Europe.



This solution is focused on those who trust in the profitability of the photovoltaic solar energy for sale to a network, but which do not have an ideal location for this purpose. It is a way to share a free item, the Sun, with those who do not have it or that have an uneconomic amount of solar radiation in their rooftops to take advantage of it or that the amount of solar radiation in the area is uneconomical.