Subvenciones Andalucía - Energía solar térmica
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“Energy development subventions from Junta de Andalucia



With this ” Andalucia Subventions” program helps to develop a sustainable energy model based on economic prosperity, social cohesion and a high level of environmental protection through the subsidy of energy saving and efficiency and use of renewable energy projects as well as through the improvement of energy infrastructures in Andalucia.

The management of this program corresponds to the Andalucia Energy Agency which has assigned competences for processing, analysis and resolution of requests, as well as the control and analysis of the justification, payment, revocation and reinstatement, where appropriate, of subsidies granted.

Participants can apply for grants from the “Junta de Andalucía”: companies, groups or company associations and foundations, local administration and other public bodies and the citizen or any citizen group.
Ministry of economy, innovation and science employment
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Subvenciones Andalucía energía solar

List of subsidized products from Amordad Solar by the “Junta de Andalucía”



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