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Non-Pressure Solar Thermosyphon Systems for generating Domestic Hot Water (DHW Solar)



Termosifón para ACS

  • Thermosyfon compact system


  • Generates Solar DHW- Hot Water


  • Operates in temperatures from -20 ° C to 100 ° C


  • Easy assembly


  • Internal coil. Water does not flow inside the manifold, preventing corrosion.


  • No need for regulation, control, or pumping systems


  • Provides up to 70% savings





DHW is obtained with the applied technology of AM-TERMOSOL equipment that combines the functionality of compact equipment and the power generation for domestic hot water (DHW) that is offered by the technology of vacuum tubes developed by Amordad.

The system works at ambient pressure, this along with its easy assembly and low maintenance make it the perfect unit for family households, rural homes, etc.
All these makes the AM-TERMOSOL one of the most versatile and economic kits from the market.ACS Solar

The collector captures direct solar radiation and diffuses it by the thermo syphon effect: hot water in the collector rises to the tank and the much cooler water, which is heavier, falls to the collector to be heated.
The tank has excellent insulation that allows only minimal heat loss during the night. Optionally, you can install an electrical resistance (auto ON/OFF) to always guarantee DHW in adverse weather conditions, when there is no solar radiation.

This is top-quality, weather-resistant model and is designed to ensure a constant supply of hot water (DHW) throughout the day. AM-TERMOSOL system is cost-effective, saves electricity and maintenance costs and can be used for various applications.


COMPACT systems to obtain solar Dhw:


  • Independent system to obtain Solar DHW


  • Transmits heat through an internal coil. In this way the home water never enters directly in the collector, thus avoiding corrosion and expanding the range of operating temperature


  • Ease of installation and low maintenance


  • Technical simplification. There is no need for regulation, control, or pumping systems


  • It’s not necessary to have extra spaces in homes since all the elements are placed on the outside
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